Arc Furnace Delta Refractory

Refractory Precast Shapes

Precast shapes are manufactured under controled conditions to a higher degree of completeness than castables installed in situ. This has significant advantages, as the conditions in a precast-shop can be better controlled than on site and the curing process can be done prior to installation of the precast shape to avoid curing on site, which is usually part of the critical path during commissioning.

Refraline manufactures precast shapes for a variety of industries. Our inhouse designed curing furnace and frequency controlled vibrating equipment combined with special moulding techniques ensure our final product quality.

Ceramite Wear Resistant Lining 

Ceramite Precast Parts

Ceramite is a castable with superb physical and chemical properties. The Elkem manufactured product sets itself apart by its bonding system.

Ceramite is regarded as an advanced solution compared to refractory materials, due to its high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance. Ceramite also has unique properties towards wear abrasion and thermal shock resistance.

Supplied as parts, Ceramite is cast in a wide range of shapes and sizes with the finished products exhibiting exceptional dimensional stability. The Ceramite grades cover demanding applications in ferrous / non-ferrous industries, aluminium, cement and other industrial areas with severe abrasion / erosion. 


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