Actom John Thompson awards Eskom Camden boiler refractory to Refraline

Eskom Camden
Camden Powerstation
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Refraline (Pty) Ltd has been awarded a 5 year contract from Actom John Thompson. The project scope is to line the burner quarls from 1 to 8 at the Eskom Camden power station.

Eskom is in the process of renewing the coal burners at Camden with more modern coal combustion technology. The burners will be environementally friendly (Low NOX) and more reliable than the current burners.

It is a pleaseure for Refraline to have been awarded the contract to supply and install the Refractory to the areas around the 160 burners in the boilers.

Refraline has been involved extensively with the power stations since the 80's, where Refraline has been involved including Kendal, Matimba, Komati, Arnot and Hendrina. Installation areas have included, boiler tube linings, burner nozzles, burner quarls, scroll ends, penetration tubes, soot blowers, inspection cavities and hoppers.

Refraline has an extensive product range to suit the demanding applications with the power stations. Each application is studied to ensure the best product is selected to enhance performance and life and reduce downtime in the boiler.


August 2014